IMS offers credentialing

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IMS offers credentialing and re-credentialing for providers and facilities. The team conducts monthly monitoring of the network and maintains records to ensure all expiring documents remain current and up to date. IMS can assist with provider directories and work as the liaison between the payers and physician groups to ensure all changes to the network are updated within contracted time frames.

IMS works directly with CAQH, a NCQA accredited Credentialing Verification Organization and national self-attested Provider Database, housing one million completed records across the nation. If you are looking to build a network or join a network, utilizing CAQH can help expedite the process and save on administrative efforts. Most payers will accept the CAQH application in lieu of their Credentialing application. This means that participating Providers will never have to complete another Credentialing application again, reducing administrative burden.

Don’t have an account with CAQH? IMS will help you create one if you don’t have the time. Simply email our friendly Credentialing Specialists at to obtain assistance or visit CAQH to register your account. You can also re-attest to your existing account and/or provide IMS access to your account if global access wasn’t already provided.

The Credentialing Committee is a non-biased diverse group of Providers contracted with IPAs managed by IMS for peer review. The Credentialing Committee meets on a monthly and ‘as needed’ basis to review the completed files and to make appropriate recommendations to the Boards. IMS also provides continuous monitoring of all expirables and daily sanction monitoring.